Veterans Day at Post 10

1.    Be at Post 10 on Wednesday November 1st at 1:00 PM to help with stuffing envelopes for our Post drawing in February. The more people available will make the task easier.

 2.    Sign up to walk in Veterans Day Parade on November 11th and represent Post 10. It is a short walk of about a quarter mile. Call the Post at 910-799-3806 between noon and 4:00 PM to submit your name and phone number. The parade starts at 9:30 AM. You will be called to let you know where the staging area is and the time to be there. Several people have already signed up. 

 3.    There will be a Boston Butt Pic-N Barbeque after the parade at Post 10 starting at 1:00 PM. Come enjoy the day with fellow veterans.


Bill C.

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