Join us for Family Day

Eldon sitting in a go cart.

Join us for Family Day at the

American Legion Post 10

702 Pine Grove Dr.,

Wilmington, NC 28409

Saturday August 12 from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

 Fun Events for all including an indoor yard sale, bake sale, silent auction, food/drinks, and kid’s activities.

Eldon is one of the most special kids around.  He has touched the hearts of so many and is loved by all who meet him. Eldon has a long list of medical conditions.  The most recent being Osteoporosis.  Because of this, any small bump could hurt him immensely or break a bone.  Our small car will not accommodate his condition safely anymore, which is why we are in need of a van that can be modified for wheelchair accessibility.

Eldon’s doctors believe he has a mitochondrial disorder, which is destroying his body.  He has recently been referred by his genetic doctor to the UDN (Undiagnosed Disease Network), which is through the NIH (National Institute of Health) to help get some answers. Many doctors have told us that he is a very complex case, and that it will take a lot to figure him out, if ever. He presently has a feeding tube, a central line for his IV medicines, and a colostomy.  He wears hearing aids, glasses, and has difficulty standing/walking. He has to have 24-hour assistance and care. He has continued to lose his gross and fine motor skills and is too sick to attend school so his teachers and therapists come to his home.  We do not know for sure what to expect with his condition but he has been going through the steps needed to get put on the intestinal transplant list at Duke.  The physicians are nervous about such a major surgery with him being as weak as he is and not having all the answers needed to move forward with the transplant. So, in the meantime, I stay by his side, love him, and do everything in my power to make him enjoy the life he does have.

Eldon’s fundraising pages and Facebook page:

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read about our hero. And to those that can or can’t help, God bless you all.

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