It is Membership renewal time for 2017

Don Betz can renew you at the Post.

American Legion begins its membership renewal campaign each July. By now you have probably received a mailing for American Legion’s National headquarters urging you to renew for 2017. The Legion Bylaws require that all members have their dues paid before the first day of January, which marks the beginning of the membership year. A one month grace period is granted in January, but anyone failing to renew before the beginning of February is considered to be Suspended and must be voted back into the American Legion if dues are paid after that date.

The National mailing includes a statement of the amount to be paid ($45.00). The statement is pre-addressed so that when it (and the payment) are put into the window envelope (also provided) the payment will go to the Post 10 PO box. The mailing also includes the option to renew online with a credit card. We prefer for our members to renew by paying directly to Post 10 because National often takes 2-3 months to send each members dues payment down hill to us and we can not issue membership cards to those members until the National sends the money and the official listing.

Some members think that since they originally joined the Legion in a specific month (say October, for example) that their renewal must be made in that month, but the Legion plan is that all renewals are due before 1 January, without regard to when one joined.

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