Honor Guard


Post 10 Honor Guard

The Post 10 Honor Guard was started in 2003 as part of the American Volunteer Reserves (AVR), and in 2005 it was reassigned to the United States Volunteers (USV). Both AVR and USV were nation wide organizations with Brigades in several states. The original team members were inducted by Congressman Mike McIntyre in 2004. The team was sponsored by the Wilmington Naval Operations Support Center and received its early training in funeral procedures from Chief Thomas McCormick, who is now a Post 10 member.

In July 2007 the entire USV team joined American Legion Post 10 and became a Committee of the Post. It continues its primary mission of providing military honors at the funerals of local area Veterans. It recently passed a milestone of having served at 1,500 funerals. As a secondary mission, the Honor Guard provides ceremonial services at patriotic events for local organizations and it represents Post 10 by participating in the Azalea Festival Parade and the Wilmington Holiday Parade.

The Honor Guard Committee is totally self supported by donations it receives from the families of Veterans it serves, and from its own fundraising efforts.

The conditions for membership in the Honor Guard are 1) being a member of Post 10, and 2) being willing to make the commitment to train for and to serve in the funerals and other events we perform. There are no additional dues involved, and a uniform is provided for each member. No prior experience is necessary. Be advised that funeral services can involve long periods (up to one hour) of standing at parade rest.

Post 10 Honor Guard November 20165