Donation FAQ

Will my contribution stay local?  Yes. Your contribution will benefit the veterans and members here at Post 10 Wilmington. All contributions will support the programs and activities here in Wilmington.  If you would like to direct your contribution to the national office of The American Legion please visit their website (

Doesn’t The American Legion get funds from the federal government?Contrary to popular belief, The American Legion receives no money or grants from the federal government. Our service programs are sustained by contributions such as yours.

Do Legion service programs overlap or duplicate government programs?
No. The American Legion programs pick up and fill the void left by government agencies. This is especially true given government budget cut-backs which have made the need greater over the past several years.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, American Legion Charities is a tax-exempt organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations.

Where is the national office of The American Legion located?
The American Legion is located at the following address:
The American Legion National Headquarters
700 North Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN  46204
(317) 630-1200

Mailing Address
The American Legion
PO Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Where is Post 10 Wilmington located?
Post 10 is located at the following address
The American Legion Post 10
702 Pine Grove Drive
Wilmington, NC 28409

Mailing Address
The American Legion Post 10
P.O. Box 3094
Wilmington, NC 28406

How much of my donation goes to help veterans and their families?
Since The American Legion generously takes care of all overhead expenses, 100% of all contributions are used for programs of service to veterans, service personnel and their families. The American Legion prides itself on its transparency and constantly strives to be the steward of your trust and donations.