Boys State

Tuition Fees:
The tuition fee for each delegate is $325. The tuition fee is the responsibility of the sponsoring post and must accompany the physical form, application and essay bact to The Americna Legion Headquarters. Please note, the Department will only accept checks form a Post. Any delegate tuition checks must be written to the post with the post in turn writing a check to the Dpeartment.
Tar Heel Boys’ State is one of the many programs for children and young people sponsored by The American Legion, Department of NC. LEGION POSTS sponsor all delegates and must approve the selection of all delegates to Tar Heel Boys’ State. Other patriotic, civic, religious, educational, fraternal, business and school organizations, clubs and parents may nominate delgates to a sponsoring post by agreeing to pay the required application fee. Such application must be coordinated with and approved by an American Legion post prior to submission to the Tar Heel Boys’ Stare registar.
American Legion Post must personally interview all delgates selected for the Tar Heel Boys’ State program.
The sponsoring post will assume the responsibility for the delegates attendance, including submittin a properly completed application, signed medical form, essay, transportation to and from Catawba College and tuition fees.
* No delegate will be allowed to register for the program at Catawba College unless All requiremtns above are complete and have been received by Deborah Rose, at Department Headquartes and duly processed.
Samsung Scholarship
Tar Heel Boys’ State delegates that are eligible to apply for the scholarships are students who are direct descendants of U.S. wartime veterans who served during on or more of the periods of war officially designated as such by the United States Government; WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Lebanon, Panama, Persian Gulf Wars and Irag War.
The selection of the $20,000 scholarship winners will be based, in part upon sturdents acacemich record, (GPA, SAT/ACT Tests and Class Rank), involvement in school activities, involvement in community activities, finacial need and assitional bonus point will ararded to descendant of the Korena War. Application for SAMSUNG must be turned in during registration at Catawba College.
Counselors are interested volunteers from the American Legion family, NC hwy Patrol, City and County Law Enforcement Agencies, Service Academies, prior Bous’ State and NC School faculty.
Early Release:
Tar Heel Boys’ State citizens will be allowed to leave the program early for tow reasons; citizen illness or disciplinary action by the staff.
Young men attending Tar Heel Boys’ State will have access to athletic facilities. Athletic events are supervised by the Tar Heel Boys’ State staff. Participation is purely voluntary on the part of those attending.
Band and Chorus:
A Tar Heel Boys State Band and Chorus are formed from among those who have high school or other musical experience. If a young man plays a musical instument and wishes to play in the Band, must incicate this on his application. Those planning to participate should bring their own instruments. Percussion equipment and large insturments are funished by the college.
Registration and Checkout:
Registation for this years event (June 2012) will be 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM o Sunday, June 17th at Catawba COllege, Salisbury, NC. Checkout is on Saturday, June 23rd at the completion of graduation that same day. Commencements begin at 10:30 AM. Persons providing transportation must pick up dlegates immediately after graduation ceremonies. there will be no exceptions.
Delegates are protected by a group medical policy furnished by The American Legion Department of NC, to supplement only that which isnot covered by the delegates’ family insurance policy.
Health Care:
Citizens have full use of the Catawba College Student Health Serives daily from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM. Emergency care after hours will be provided at nerby emergincy clinics or Rowan regional Medical Center.
Boys Nation:
Two young men will be chosen to attend Boys’ Nation at Maymount College, July 2012. Each State program in the natio sends two representatives to American Legion Boys’ Nation. These 100 young men will learn, through first hand application, the function and structure of the Federal Government. They will meet thePresicent and enjoy tures of the Capital.
Visitors will not be allowed in the dormitories durng the program week. Family and friends are invited to attend the Graduation ceremony. In the evern of an emergecy a visitor must report to the Program Headquarters.
Private Vehicles:
Private vehicles are prohibited. However, if it is neccessary for a delegate to drive his car to the progra, his parent or guardian must personally reques and receive advance permission from the Program Director. There is a 415 parking pass fee.
Application forms are available at
American Legion Department Headquartes
PO Box 26657
Raleigh NC 27611
or call
or on line at