Boys State

Boys State 73rd Session – (Closed Until Next Year)
Sponsored by The American Legion Department of NC, Raleigh, NC.

The American Legion
The American Legion is the largest veteran organization in the world, with a membership of over three million members in the 50 united states, the Distirct of Columbia and seven foreign countries. All members of the American Legion are currrent or former members, with Honorables Service, in the Amered Forces of the United States during WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War and the era of Granada, Panama and the Persioan Gulf conflicts.

Tar Heel Boys’ State
Tar Heel Boys’ state is sponsored by THE AMERICAN LEGION DEPARTMENT OF NC. It is an intense workshop concerntration on North Carolina state government and politics. Only males ho have successfully completed their junior year of high school adn have at least one more semester of high school remaining are considered eligible to participate. Delegates representing all geographic areas of North Carolina participate annually in this program. The American Legion believes there is no better way to assure the survival of our great republic that to train our young people in the ideals and objectives of American government. By teaching teh youth of our state and nation to understand and appreciate the basic principles involved in the successful management of a democratic society, we can keep American stron and ensure freedom for future generations. Tar Heel Boys’ State teaches that preservation of our form of government depends on intelligern, informed and loyal citizens in combination of government activites.
* To improve citizenship for present and future generations of Tar Heels.
* To become familiar with the structure of North Carolina government and its political process – using the LEARN TODAY TO LEAD TOMORROW concept of instruction.
* To develop civic leadership and pride in American citizenship.
* To arouse a keen interest in the detailed study of our government.
* To develop in the young citizens of Boys’ State, the full understaning of our American traditions and beliefs in the United States of America.
* To arouse in the young citizens a determination to maintain our form of government.
* To inculcate a sense of individualobligation to the community, state and nation.
* to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justatce, freedom and democracy.
To attend Tar Heel Boys’ State the following requirements will be observed:
1. Only males who have successfully completed their junior year of high school and have at least on remaining semester of high school will be considered as a delegate to Tar Heel Boys’ state.
2. Only young men with outstanding qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, loyalty and service to their schools should be considered as possible delegates to Tar Heel Boys’ State.
3. Tar Heel Boys’ State welcomes delegates who evidence a handicap. Before a handicapped candidate is approved as a delegate, the sponsoring post must have the approval of the Director so that any necessary special arrangements can be made.
4. Any delegate who has previously attended Tar Heel Boys State is not eligible to attend a second session. However, a former citizen of the program is always welcome to visit as an ALumnus. He may also be considered as a possible counselor to serve with the program.