The 1st Friday of Every Month is Fish Fry Day

Let Post 10 do the cooking and cleanup the 1st Friday of every Month –  bring the entire family.

Homemade Desserts are for sale just $2 a slice.

Desserts at Fish Fry

Desserts at Fish Fry

Dessert table with the baker Anne Scott.

Fish or Chicken or Deviled Crab or the COMBO

The best $9 Meal in Wilmington, NC is Post 10’s Fish Fry the 1st Friday of Every Month.

Serving begins at 11 AM until 7 PM.

Free delivery within Wilmington, NC city limits of 10+ plates – call

910-799-3806 to place your order.


Fried Fish – hand breaded every Fish Fry

Fish Plate 11/2 of a Baked Chicken

Chicken Plate 13 Deviled Crab

Crab Plate 1COMBO – Deviled Crab and Fried Fish

Combo Plate 2The Cold Slaw is handmade every Fish Fry by our volunteers.

Ask for the > Hot <  Hush Puppies to add a little kick.

This the best meal in Wilmington Today and it is only $9.00 a plate at American Legion Post 10.

702 Pine Grove Drive, Wilmington NC 28409 —– 910-799-3806

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